Super Serious ;)  xo, Ebright Design


1. Why interior design?  After many years working in sales and marketing roles in New York & Los Angeles, I realized I wanted to do something creative, client-oriented and entrepreneurial for the next 30 (!*!*) years of my professional career. So, after some lamenting, I quit my job! And then enrolled at Otis College of Art & Design to pursue my interior design education full-time. Along the way, I had the privilege of working with some of the most talented interior designers in LA who honed my taste, taught me the "biz" and helped me learn the fundamentals of great design.   

2. What do you think is the most important part of interior design? Sounds a little corny, but it's making sure the client loves the final product.

3. What excites you about design?  I think it's the holistic process - from seeing the space for the first time, to developing the design and then seeing the completed project. It's just thrilling to watch an design idea transform into someone's reality that they will enjoy and love forever.

4. What's your favorite color?  Funny question, I recently realized that I subconsciously gravitate towards pink! I had a great pair of pink high tops when I was 5 so maybe they left a BIG impression on me.      

5. What inspires you right now?  It's gotta be new materials. Cle´ Tile recently launched a new tile collaboration with Eskayel and the patterns are so fun, can't wait to use them.