A Perfect Balance Dining Room Shopping Guide    xo, Ebright Design

1. Gia Coppola Untitled VIII  :  the photorealism is a great contrast to the abstraction of this wallpaper. 

2. House of Fara Base Moulding  :  using a very decorative moulding provides good balance to some of the harder materials in the space.

3. Calico Fragments Wallpaper in Gypsum  :  been DYING to use this wallpaper!

4. Allied Maker Perforated Arc Dome  :  you don't have to use one, big-ol' chandelier! If you find a smaller pendant that you love, go with two centered on the dining table. 

5. CB2 Fuze Large Gray Table  :  love the heaviness of this mammoth table, and the concrete give us an unexpected texture to work with. 

6. Selamat Ingrid Teak Armchair  :  something sleek, soft and smooth to offset the table.

7. Luca Bench Upholstered in Lilac Velvet  :  gray and lilac are such a ideal pair, and the velvet upholstery makes it so luxe. 

8. Bruce Mahogany Engineered Flooring  :  the richness of the flooring is a perfect contrast to the gray dining table. 



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